Students are in the Hearts of Great Teachers

The best teachers have only one priority-their students. They think about them throughout the day and carry them in their hearts when they go home. A teacher’s job is never done because there is always a need for preparation. There are not enough hours in the day for a teacher to meet the needs of every student, yet the great teacher will try. It’s a fine line between providing valuable experiences and preparing students for standardized testing. Many schools are placing such emphasis on test results. Teachers now find themselves facing the challenge of trying to prepare for the test and provide a balanced education.

When teachers have the support of home, they are more likely to be successful in the classroom. If they can count on parents to provide the foundation and reinforce concepts learns in school, teachers can continue to strive for excellence in their students. With a solid support system and enthusiasm, the challenges can be met.

Test scores now greatly effected by essay writers

There used to be a word for having someone else write your essay papers for school for you and that word was cheating. You are expected to do your own work. The teachers aren’t there to find out what the skill level of a hired writer is they want to know what your skill level is so they can teach you in the areas that you are weak in. After all, that is what they are there to do. You wouldn’t walk into the doctor’s office with someone else’s blood sample to find out what is wrong with you. How would you expect to be able to learn what is wrong with your writing without letting them see what you are capable of.

Today simply typing a few keywords into a search engine, such as “Write an essay for me”, will lead anyone to sites that are more than willing to perform that service for you, for a price. The websites look professionally done, and it is easy to get the impression that everyone is doing it, and that it is completely acceptable, nothing more than a simple business deal. Because typically these sites, at least the best among them, sell you original work there is little chance that you would get caught purchasing an essay paper because the teacher had run across the paper before. It is possible that you could get caught however because the style of the writing is so different than the samples they have seen from you before, or if you were questioned about the subject and obviously do not have the knowledge exhibited by the paper. Even if you do not get caught however you are still cheating, and cheating yourself out of learning how to actually do the work.

These services are also being used for an essay paper

When you first think about it, it may seem to be counterintuitive. How would anyone who has never met you possible be able to create an effective personal statement about you? When you provide them with a little background information they can write a professionally written personal statement. These sites try to convince you that this is a good thing to do, citing reasons such as the fact that you typically will only have to write this type of paper once, and chances are you don’t have much experience writing them, while their writers have written dozens, or even hundreds and know exactly what the people who are reading them want to read.

The more widespread the practice of having others do your work for you becomes the greater effect it will start to have on the workforce. If someone has almost all of their essay papers, and their personal statement done for them, they will eventually end up in a professional position without the knowledge that their employer would rightfully expect them to have.

It may seem like a quick and easy way out but the quick and easy way is rarely the best way..