The Twim Academy Advantage

Twim Academy is a top-notch Media and Creative Arts academy located in Ibadan, Nigeria. It is the education arm of Twim Infomedia Solutions LTD.

Twim Academy is unique and unequalled. One of the key reasons is that we have real, verifiable results- people who have started businesses and are employing others. You can learn more about this by watching our video here. But besides this, here are some other reasons why you will love Twim Academy:

  1. Well Structured Courses. Our course schemes are products of extensive research and adaptation based on experience.
  2. Real Production Equipment. You get to use some of the equipment we make use of for our own productions at Twim Studios. Cameras, computers, sound equipment, studio lights…
  3. Guaranteed Internships. Depending on the duration of your course, you may opt for an internship right within our production house.
  4. Conducive Environment. Pay us a visit and you can see it for yourself.
  5. Crazy Lecturers. Our instructors are interesting and… crazy! You will enjoy working with them.
  6. Exposure… Experience… Twim is made up of professionals who handle projects in numerous places within and outside Nigeria. You get to meet with their works, learn from them and glean from their experiences.