Sure, after writing the chapter with results of your research, you should start working on the next one. In this section, you will have to create a discussion which is very significant and influences the general comprehension of your dissertation greatly. However, for many young people, this part of work seems to be the most complicated and they claim that it is impossible to cope with it. Of course, the main reason for such thoughts and doubts is the lack of experience and self-confidence. Which is the best way to reduce these things and guarantee the success for yourself in creating the discussion? Without any exaggeration, it is the list of helpful pieces of advice. Thanks to them, you will be able to overcome challenges and understand your main targets clearly. That is why we created several useful ways of working on this part of the dissertation.

Which Purpose Does It Have?

You should be aware of the main things which have to be included to this part of paper. Moreover, it is essential to understand the purpose of this section. We indicated the major things to write here. First of all, you have to mention the main questions which you highlight in the dissertation. Remember that it plays an important role as people should clearly see the main problems of your theme and issues which you try to solve. It is also important to explain your specific approach to the topic and reasons why you have selected it. Do not forget to turn back to your results and explain them as in the previous chapter you have just presented them. Now, it is time to answer which benefits they have for your research and how they influenced your statements in the dissertation and personal opinion on a certain topic.

Create an Outline

It is true that this section may demand an outline if you want to complete it effectively. In addition, you may have not enough experience and knowledge to create this chapter only thanks to using creative skills and analytical thinking. In the majority of cases, young people quickly become confused and cannot manage the major points quickly and effectively. Thus, they make lots of mistakes while writing and have to fix them later. Sure, it is much better to have an exact plan from the beginning and avoid these unpleasant situations. Try to mention the most significant questions and arguments here. There is no need to concentrate on details as it is just an outline and you will be able to add more statements.

Discuss Your Results

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Remember that your main task in this section is surely discussing the results which you have got while researching the topic of your dissertation. It is important to mention if you have got the outcome which you have expected for. Or maybe, you would like to reach some other things. Anyway, it is essential to compare them with your predictions. Moreover, you should revise your literature review as well. It is essential for explaining your results in a clear form. Hence, you should use other researchers’ opinions on this subject and indicate the differences between their works and yours. It is especially important in case you have got a completely different outcome.

The Importance of the Research Results

It is also necessary to mention the importance of the results of your research. Do not forget that every dissertation should bring some fresh concepts and ideas. Only in this case, you will be able to present everything effectively and get others’ appreciation. It happens that young people see no need to explain why their topic and survey which they provide are present-day and play a great role for the science, society or some other studies. The discussion is a pretty good section to put a stress on the importance of your contribution to a certain field. You have probably done a huge amount of work and people who read your paper should understand what is the point of all this. If you forget to mention it, others will not notice it as well. As a result, your work may be poorly estimated.

Make a Conclusion

Sure, the final step is creating the conclusion where you should summarize all points mentioned in the chapter. Just decide if you are satisfied with the results you have got and understand if they are appropriate for you. Hence, you have to repeat the most significant things which you have already written in a brief and understandable form. In this way, you will be able to revise your work once more and indicate if there are some points to fix. On the other hand, there is a good chance to summarize everything you have done for the literature review and plan of your research to its results. Keep in mind that you should avoid details in this paragraph.

All in all, there are several essential points which you have to keep in mind while writing this paper. Do not forget that the dissertation demands high concentrat.