Grants for military college are for the military personnel that can’t pay for their proper education but they wish to serve their country. Because militaries are so brave the U.S government decided that they will receive grants for their services; the military’s family will receive financial support too. This is a support that they deserve.

The family of an Army military can receive a financial support with the help of the Spouse Education Assistance Program. The family of a Navy military can benefit to financial support between $1,500 and $1850 in a year with the help of the Spouse Tuition Aid Program.

Air Force personnel can be awarded with sums of money for his/her family with the help of the Grant Program from General Henry H. Arnold Education. They can receive approximately $2,000 but the sum depends on their real needs.

The Coast Guards and the Marines have to apply to a different kind of package. They can receive about $2,000 per year if they are accepted for the Marine/Medical/ Enlisted Commissioning Education Program.

The Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program awards $150 for each family member of the military but also for him. With the received money they can pay for the materials that they need to study. The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant is another organization that awards grants for military.

Those types of grants are not a loan and they don’t have to be returned. Grants for military school are available since this year but they will also be available next year for the students that choose military college.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant comes in the help of those who have no parents because they died as a United States military in Afghanistan or in Iraq. This organization also helps those that can’t receive the Pell Gran and it’s available since September 2018.

Education Program

If you have parents that died in the United States military service in Afghanistan or in Iraq after the date of September 2011 you can receive the Pell Grant and you can also qualify for a bigger sum of money.

You have chances to be elected and to receive the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant if keep in mind those next three things:

  • Fill in the registration FAFSA form from the website
  • You should have been 23 years maximum when one of your guardians died. If you were older than 23 years you must had been attending a college when your parents died.
  • You must full fill the demands for eligibility.

Militaries that apply but have an Estimated Family Contribution that is not accepted to Pell Grant are often awarded by the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant. The sum of money that Iraq and Afghanistan Service awards can be the same that Pell Grant offers. Other financial subventions will be received by student depending on what Estimated Family Contribution he has.