Red Zuma Project

In-depth analysis of the marketA comprehensive product designSelecting the appropriate product designAll-inclusive designCreation of prototypes for the project’s commencementTesting of […]

For Change

And for change to better the organization should be planned, whether the change is desired or not.One service provider seeks […]

Red Zuma Project

In-depth analysis of the marketA comprehensive product designSelecting the appropriate product designAll-inclusive designCreation of prototypes for the project’s commencementTesting of […]

For Change

And for change to better the organization should be planned, whether the change is desired or not.One service provider seeks […]


Unit Case Study Project notification for last Unit  The last Unit Project in this course requires you to interview an […]


Use MS Project or a similar project management software package (such as ProjectLibre or OpenProj) to create a project plan. […]


Group ProjectFINA 3311 Sec:205Financial management principlesFaten AlNassar :201302248Sarah al-Ansari:201300738Alhanoof Alotaibi: 201201928 Project A Project B Initial outlay 110,000 110,000 Year […]


Appendix B: Practicum Project Charter  Project Title:Project Start Date:                           Project End Date:Project Manager:Budget Information:Measureable Project Objectives – (Use 5 W’s and […]


22568647_700151                            Personal Narrative: Story of my Life   When I was in grade 1 my dad and my mom always there for […]


Leadership TheoryShaimika JonesWaldorf UniversityLeadership TheoryFor the leadership theory project, I will work with the behavioral leadership theory.  According to the […]


Ramos Family Home PurchaseCREATE A LOAN ANALYSIS GETTING STARTEDOpen the file SC_EX19_4b_FirstLastName_1.xlsx, available for download from the SAM website.Save the […]


InstCollapse SubdiscussionRobert DavisRobert DavisSundayMay 3 at 6:45amManage Discussion EntryHi everyone, this first week I like to work with each of […]

C project

Your goal is to implement an application that allows employees of a pizzeria to place a customer order. Your application […]


I moved the due date for Directed Assignment B to give you a few extra days.Directed Assignment B is the […]

Executive Summary

In this assignment, you will propose a quality improvement initiative from your place of employment that could easily be implemented […]

Compiler LInux C

CMSC 430 Project 4The fourth project involves modifying the semantic analyzer for the attached compiler by adding checks for semantic […]

Case study

The case description at the beginning of this chapter presented the situation of a new project leader, Mary Hendricks. Her […]


Create a 2 to 4 -slide presentation with specific ideas for project-based learning activities to create learning environments that support […]

Final Project

In Unit VII, the comprehensive report was presented to the Fig Technologies Executive Leadership Council (ELC). Create a PowerPoint presentation […]

Week 3 DB3

Weighted Mean.Let’s practice with Weighted Mean.Read rules how to calculate Weighted Meanin Course Material posted for week 2.How to calculate […]


part 1Use the Internet to research and explore vulnerabilities that are related to TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol).In a 3–5-paragraph […]

Term paper

Using your Term Project Draft as a starting point, write and submit a paper for your term project that outlines […]


Using the scenario presented in Week Two and the templates provided in the resources below, complete the following: A 1- […]

CIS275 Lab Week 6

USE IMDB — ensures correct database is activeGOPRINT ‘|—‘ REPLICATE(‘ —-‘,15) ‘|’PRINT ‘Read the questions below and insert your queries […]

Week 3 Project

InstructionsSupporting Lectures:Review the following lectures: Unfair Labor Practices Bargaining and EnforcementProjectThe project assignment provides a forum for analyzing and evaluating […]

Amazon research

Let’s get started on our quarter-long project. First, read this article from the New York Times(Links to an external site.).Now, […]

Project 2

Project 2 covers chapters 7 through 10 and involves analyzing a dataset that contains a sampling of female heights. Below […]

Kim Woods only

HSO Search And Proposal IdeaYour writing assignment(s) each week will serve as the individual components of a working grant proposal […]

Discussion A

Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), the term(s), […]


APA FORMAT1-2 PARAGRAPHSREFERENCESUSE EBOOK FROM CSU WEBSITEUsing Earned Value AnalysisOne of the key elements of effective project management is bringing […]


Journaling provides a valuable tool for recording, reflecting on, and reviewing your learning. This approach provides an opportunity for you […]


CompetencyEvaluate project performance.ScenarioIn your role as a Project Manager for Kingston-Bryce Limited you have been assigned to create a scorecard. […]

Week2 Question

After reading chapter-2 and chapter-3 from the attached text book write what you that are the important concepts from these […]


After reading chapter-2 from the attached text book write one or two pages what you thought was the most important […]


Part 1: You will provide an essay answer to the following questions: What is a project? What are ongoing operations? […]


Based on the previous project we need the analysis for below questions for 250 words each. Need the analysis ASAPo […]


PowerPoint LAB FINAL PROJECTThis final project has three parts and each part builds on each other as you learn the […]

SCM project

essay and power point1. This 3-4 page essay will be in APA format.2.The essay will be simply the writtenpaper of […]

Company Project

Requirements:Topic: Consulting Skills, delivering successful a project proposalThis individual assignment will, on the one hand, evaluate your ability to develop […]

The Valuation Exercise report

At least 3 pages, i already did some calculstion. Due tomorrow 8 pmSimulationDETAILS1.pdfMA_v2_Foreground_Reading.pdfMA_v2_Primer.pdfMA_Valuation_Expanded_BV_SS.xlsxCaseReportexample.docxPosted: 2 years agoDue: 03/12/2017Budget: $50Answers 1Ultimate GEEK5.0 (2)4.7 (538)Chat2 years agoPurchase the […]

Food and Bev Project from 58:00 minutes, see the link about instruction for the project!!!Go ahead and jump to 58:00 and open the […]

Executive Memo about Nordstrom INC max 2 pages

please read the guidline carefullyNORDSTROMANUALREP.pdfMBA640ModuleThreeExecutiveMemoGuidelinesandRubric-3.pdfPosted: 13 hours agoDue: 29/03/2020Budget: $17Tags: businessFinanceAnswers 0Bids 74sochienThe QuA lityDr. Michelle_KMQuickly answer Rosie SeptemberEmily ClareRanju Lewisabdul_rehman_Homework ProElprofessorihassan0906Brainy BrianDr […]


I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT..BETWEEN 100-120 WORDSCompare and contrast two change theories, and determine which theory […]

Quantitative Analyst Project

Please see attached.. No PlagiarismProject8.docxUnit8_StydyGuide.pdfPosted: 2 days agoDue: 20/12/2019Budget: $35Tags: Analysis managementAnswers 0Bids 57martha92Realyn's owen'srunge-kutta acerDr Ava_MiaDr_inaayaPaula HogMadem_JenniferJOHN JUNIOR001Dr WillymartinsWIZARD_KIMTeacher Trumahnwizard kimLilliana_Smithbrilliant answersColossal […]

Journal Entry 15

Read Chapter Four:On CourseTextbook (journals are in the textbook)Complete Journal # 15: Develop Self-Confidence Carefully read Journal instructions.Number each journal […]

Word SAM Capstone Project 1

Can you help me to do this?Instructions_SC_WD16_CS1-3a.docxSC_WD16_CS1-3a_YONGGUANGQIU_1.docxSupport_SC_WD16_CS1-3a_Book_Tree.pngSupport_SC_WD16_CS1-3a_Bookshelves.pngPosted: 8 months agoDue: 25/03/2019Budget: $10Answers 0Bids 44Moen ZafarGreat-WritersKATHERINE BECKSAsad UllahRESPECT WRITERAmanda SmithMiss Brigitsuraya_PhDJenny Boomimhmd.fEmma BakerFLOVODOHChrisProfnadia tutorJOHN […]

Location and Access

Stage 2: Location and AccessResearch your topic, evaluate selected sources, and organize your sources using the Source Organization worksheet template.During […]

Final Project

Prepare a Financial Projection for your organization (minimum 3 years). Integrate your financials and Executive Summary into your final case […]

Research paper

Research paper Each paper will be 5-6 pages, typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font with 1” margins, and should be formatted […]

ACC 561 Week 3

Financial Analysis:1. Open the Excel spreadsheet provided. Prepare a vertical analysis of Bridgford’s income statement. Enter the percentages in columns […]


Dimension/Task Limited Acceptable Proficient Total 1.Presentation: Quantity (4 Points) Student has limited amount of data (0-1) points) Student has acceptable […]


Student’s NameProfessor’s NameInstitution AffiliationCourse DateWhy We CiteCiting sources is a crucial part of writing academic works and completing credible research […]


Topic 2:  In Topic 2, you will submit the Capstone Project Needs Analysis and Organizational Approval  assignments. These are key […]


Directions: Answer each question individual and respond with full knowledge and understanding. Use 100% original work and turn in on […]


mportant notes about grading: 1. Compiler errors:All code you submit must compile. Programs that do not compile will receive an […]


Unit 7 Assignment Criteria Ratings Pts Step 1-Preparation 3.0pts Full Marks 0.0pts No Marks 3.0pts Step 2-Starting the Project and […]


Deliverable 06 – WorksheetThe market research team working on this project creates this payoff matrix that represents the scaled values […]