Negligence in Law

According to ‘Heaven v. Pender(1883) 11 Q.B.D. 503) “actionable negligence consists in the neglect of the use of ordinary care […]

Negligence in Law

According to ‘Heaven v. Pender(1883) 11 Q.B.D. 503) “actionable negligence consists in the neglect of the use of ordinary care […]

Week1Assignment1 Barnesj doc

Professional GoalsJaneika BarnesWalden UniversityNURS 6565 Synthesis in Advanced Practice Care of Complex Patients in Primary Care SettingsProfessor: Amy HamlinMarch 3,2018Professional […]


(This course is based on Student provides a thorough and detailed analysis of how the selected challenge, issue, or opportunity […]


Please try and rewrite it to sound different and still address three questions and add based on your understanding but, […]


Module 3 – SLPOrganized LaborOrganized LaborIn the SLP assignment, you have the opportunity to evaluate strategies taken by union organizers […]


                                    OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICESThe Department of Human services is the largest state agency in Oklahoma. DHS provides a wide […]


1. Name the theory from John Holland. Social and Conventional.  John Holland’s and Mark Savickas’s, which one resonates with you […]

Measurement Validity

Measurement ValidityCompetencies Addressed in This Discussion Competency 2: Articulate a problem statement appropriate for examination using criminal justice research methods. […]


Project instructions:#1. Using the demographic location nearest to your home, select one major issue that relates toyour local community. Correlate […]

Discussion 11

Social Work (Code of Ethics)Helping professionals take ethical principles and standards very seriously. Following a basic ethical code of conduct […]


Foundations of EntrepreneurshipFirst, from Chapter One, choose the most important skill and/or attribute which you think a small business owner […]

CIS 599 Discussions

Discussion 1″Factors” Please respond to the following:• Identify three factors to consider in determining the competitive value of information technology. […]


We’ve all grown up with varying degrees of “save the planet” rules, regulations, and suggestions. Natural resources have been used, […]

2 Paper

Write a paper (2,000-2,500 words) in which you apply the concepts of epidemiology and nursing research to a communicable disease. […]

Final paper

HLTH 355: Addressing Health Disparities through Social JusticePaper Two AssignmentDue 05/12/20 by 11:59pmOverview: You will write a paper on either […]

Due in 6hours

Part 2: Identifying Challenges/Compare & Contrast 1. Identify and describe two potential challenges for each of the four areas of […]


APA FORMAT1-2 PARAGRAPHSreferencesAs Hite and Seitz (2016) show in Chapter 3: Food, there is enough food produced and available to […]


Which major social/politicalissue that has broad reach into all communitiesin the US would you urge Asian Americans to engage?Why is […]

Need in 12 hours

For this assignment, imagine you will be presenting at a conference for an audience of newly hired human resource professionals. […]

Week 10

1) Describe three network security risks and how an administrator may be able to defend against them.2) Explain a scenario […]


Provide an authentic graduate-level response to each of the following: How do firms benefit from a strong ethical culture? How […]

Discussion Forum

Discussion ForumWhat are the impacts of colonization on the health and wellbeing of Indigenous people worldwide?How do social determinants of […]


In today’s world, the need for secure access to our digital lives is more important than ever before. We access […]

Client role play

I need you to do my homework for me.clientroleplayweek8.docxPosted: 9 months agoDue: 17/07/2019Budget: $15Tags: urgent originalAnswers 1Urgent Tutor5.0 (39)4.7 (786)Chat9 months agoPurchase the answer to […]

Organization paper 2

The organization the report will be on is IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)Directions:Write a 4-5-page report on an organization. The report […]

300 W7 Assignment

DirectionsIt’s time for some Field Research! Using your research topic area, create a short research proposal for an ethnographic study […]