MediaCamp Courses

This year’s edition of MediaCamp is not just about Photography & Digital Filmmaking, it’s also about entrepreneurship. This implies that there will be two different sets of classes and you are required to register for any of the two:

Option 1: Twim Academy’s Certificate in Media Arts

This covers Photography and Digital Filmmaking. It will begin from the basics of camera handling (both for photos and videos), exposure, composition and lighting. There will also be classes on photo editing (using Adobe Photoshop), and video editing (using Adobe Premiere Pro). Participants will be divided into groups and will make short films and photo projects.

Kindly note that you are required to come along with a laptop for this option. If you have a DSLR camera, you can also bring this along (great idea but not compulsory).

Option 2: Twim Academy’s Entrepreneurship MasterClass:

This is targeted at people who wish to start businesses, or have already started but are still in the startup phase.

How do you come up with the right ideas? How do you test them for viability? How do you raise capital? How do you start? What incorporation basics do you need to know? How can you attract grants and other funding options? How do you run the business?

Both will take place concurrently at the camp venue in Ghana. All details (except for course offerings) are the same for both.

Basic Plan

August 3 (by 6 AM): Road trip from Lagos to Accra (Nigerian participants)
August 3 – 4: Sleepover at hotel in Accra
August 4 (latest by 9 AM): Arrival at hotel in Accra (This is for non-Nigerian participants / people who wish to come over by air- please check FAQ page for cost differences)
August 4: Take-off to camp venue (Please note that the camp venue is not in Accra)
August 4 – 10: Bootcamp at camp venue
August 10 (by 12 PM): Return journey to hotel in Accra
August 10 – 11: Sleepover at hotel in Accra
August 11 (by 6 AM): Journey back to Lagos begins