MediaCamp Courses

This year’s edition of MediaCamp focuses on Multimedia Storytelling. For the purposes of this camp, we will approach it from 3 angles: Photography, Digital Filmmaking, and Using the Web.

It will begin from the basics of camera handling (both for photos and videos), exposure, composition and lighting. There will also be classes on photo editing (using Adobe Photoshop), and video editing (using Adobe Premiere Pro). Participants will be divided into groups and will make short films and photo projects.

Kindly note that you are required to come along with a laptop for this option. If you have a DSLR camera, you can also bring this along (great idea but not compulsory).


Please note that due to the intricacies involved in planning a program of this nature, these plans are subject to change. This is just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Nov. 15 (by 6 AM): Road trip from Lagos to Accra (Nigerian participants who opt for the road trip plan)
Nov 16 (by 9 AM) Take-off to camp venue (Please note that the camp venue is not in Accra. All participants who choose to get to Accra on their own are required to connect with us before this time so that we can all leave for the venue)
Nov. 16 – 20: Bootcamp at camp venue
Nov. 20 (by 12 PM): Return journey to hotel in Accra
Nov 20 (by 5 PM): Flight from Accra (for those flying back to Nigeria / other locations)
Nov. 21 (by 6 AM): Journey back to Lagos begins (for those returning by road)