Frequently Asked Questions

What is MediaCamp?

MediaCamp is Twim Academy’s destination bootcamp that combines practical learning with the fun of being in a holiday resort destination. Best of all, it takes place during summer- when you are on break or can take your leave! This year, there are 2 options: Media Arts (photography and digital filmmaking), and Entrepreneurship (otherwise dubbed “Startup MasterClass”)

Who can attend MediaCamp Ghana?

Anyone- 18 years of age and above- who

  1. is interested in building a career in photography or digital filmmaking
  2. Requires knowledge of photography and video production to function effectively on your job (such as communication officers in organizations)
  3. Requires a media / art-centered learning holiday

Churches and similar organisations are also encouraged to send their media team members to attend.

How many editions of MediaCamp have you held?

We’ve hosted MediaCamp twice within Nigeria at our academy in Ibadan and had people coming from as far away as Delta, Abuja, Lagos etc. The first international edition of MediaCamp was held in Ghana last year (2015) and was a huge success. This year, it is back: bigger and better!

Tell me about Twim Academy

Twim Academy is a government-approved school of media and creative arts located in Ibadan, Nigeria. Twim Academy, founded in 2013, has a vision to “raise entrepreneurial minds in the media arts”. Since its inception, Twim Academy has offered Diploma and Certificate courses in media and creative arts to more than 300 people.

Twim Academy was a 2015 finalist for the Ford Foundation Prize for Youth Employment and a 2015 MasterCard Foundation / Ashoka Future Forward Winner.

You can read more about Twim Academy on the main website:

How much can I learn within that period of time?

A lot! At MediaCamp, we teach most of the same content we teach at our regular 2-month certificate class. This time, you have one advantage: you are camped (and therefore free of distractions), and you have a great environment in which to take great shots. You will learn very quickly!

I don't live in Nigeria. How can I be a part of this?

You can attend MediaCamp Ghana even if you don’t live in Nigeria. You will be required to make your own arrangements to meet us in Accra by the morning of August 4 so that we can all go to the camp venue. This applies if you are based in Ghana as well. To find out how you can pay your fees as a non-Nigerian, please send an email to

I prefer to go to Accra by air

That’s fine! You will be required to make your own flight bookings, though, and meet us in Accra on / before 9:00 AM on August 4, 2016. The camp will not take place in Accra, so it is important that you meet us so that we can all go to the venue as a group. In this case, your fee will be N 130,000 for the standard package or N230,000 for the premium package.

What do I need to bring along?

Your valid international passport (or ECOWAS pass), personal effects (such as clothing, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc). You also need to come along with a laptop. If you have a DSLR camera, please bring this along as well.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. Twim Academy is duly registered with the Board for Technical and Vocational Education of the Oyo State Ministry of Education and can therefore issue valid certificates.