MediaCamp Ghana 2016

MediaCamp Ghana 2016

Can’t attend a regular Twim Academy class? Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! We’ve got MediaCamp 2016: the fast-track workshop in photography and digital filmmaking that combines practical learning with the fun of being in a resort holiday destination. Best of all, it takes place during summer- when you are on break or can take your leave!

What is MediaCamp?

Every year at the international-award winning Twim Academy, we host MediaCamp. It’s a fast-track bootcamp training series on Photography and Digital Film Making. We have recorded remarkable success with our past MediaCamps and have had people coming from as far away as Abuja, Delta, Niger, Lagos etc to our academy in Ibadan. We held the first international edition in Ghana last year (2015) and are set to hold it again in Ghana. To know more about Twim Academy, please visit out homepage and navigate for relevant information.

Why Ghana?

This edition of MediaCamp is meant to serve not only as a learning experience, but as a remarkable holiday and destination photography and filmmaking trip. It holds at a very nice and quiet beach resort hotel in Ghana. 

Read more about and register for MediaCamp Ghana on its website here