Overview & Impact

Overview- Twim Academy

Twim Academy is a school of media arts, creative arts and entrepreneurship located in Ibadan, Nigeria. It is one of the arms of Twim Infomedia Solutions LTD (which is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with registration number RC 1191989). Twim Academy is also duly registered by the Board of Technical and Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education, Oyo State.

We offer short-term certificate, diploma and specialization courses targeted at people who wish to enter into the media or creative industries, or those who wish to enter into the exciting but challenging world of entrepreneurship.


Acting as a catalyst for capacity building and job creation in the arts and entertainment industries, and creating positive societal change in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.


Raising entrepreneurial minds in the media and creative arts.


Twim Academy operates as a social venture with a hybrid model. This implies that our primary purpose of establishment is not profit, but impact. Our key focus is to solve the problem of unemployment among young people. We do this in 5 ways:

1. Training Programs: Our training programs are designed to help participants acquire skills that are useful to the industry, profitable and well sought-after. This way, we produce alumni who can easily start up small businesses based on their newly acquired skills.

2. Entrepreneurship Classes and Workshops: We incorporate entrepreneurship and business development classes and seminars into our training programs. Our facilitators are high-flying professionals from within the media and creative industries, as well as successful business-people.

3. The Twim Academy Career Mentoring Program: This is targeted at secondary school students across the state. For more information, please click here.

4. The Twim Academy Scholars’ Program: Targeted primarily at empowering secondary-school-age girls from financially challenged backgrounds with skills that position them to be independent in the future. To learn more about this program, please click here.

5. Director’s Angle: Our highly successful radio series, which airs on StarFM 91.5 and targets young people is known as Director’s Angle. It inspires people to develop themselves and aspire to greatness. It has fast become a radio-favourite.


1. About 300 people have attended our certificate-level trainings. About 70 percent of them are already self-employed in the areas for which they were trained. Many of our self-employed graduates are earning enough to compete with their counterparts who are employed by banks.

2. Many of our graduates have gone beyond the level of mere self-employment. Many of them employ others. On the average, most employ between 1 and 3 people within one year of training.

3. 25 public secondary school girls have benefited from The Twim Academy Scholars’ Program. They have been trained for free with arts and employability skills in our very through program.

4. Over 5000 students have participated in the free Twim Academy Career Mentoring Program. With this, we have helped students from public secondary schools in Oyo State find proper career guidance and advice.

5. Possibly hundreds of thousands have been inspired by our daily radio broadcasts: “Director’s Angle”. Although it is currently off air, it was one of the most popular youth empowerment programmes on StarFM Ibadan. We plan to resume a modified version soon.

6. Thousands have also been under our various seminars and empowerment sessions in which we have been invited to make presentations.