The Twim Academy Scholars’ Program

As part of our efforts to empower females and solve societal problems such as large numbers of school drop-outs, massive unemployment, and high crime rates, we began the Twim Academy Scholars program in 2015. The program, which is an extension of the Twim Academy Career Mentoring Program, aims to empower groups of young secondary-school girls every summer with comprehensive vocational and computer skills training, mentoring, contact with high profile successful role models from the society at-large, excursions, games, etc. The program is free for selected participants. For 2015, we have focused our attention on 25 scholars. The scholars were competitively selected based on the following criteria:

  • Students of public secondary schools
  • Demonstrated high financial need
  • Demonstrated academic potential
  • Demonstrated creative potential
  • Strong preference for females
  • Class range from SS1 to SS3 (and therefore most likely between 13 and 18 years old)
  • Recommendations from school principals and class teachers

Here are pictures from the 2015 Twim Academy Scholars Program:

Excursion to the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (TV / Radio)


The Twim Academy Scholars Debate


Excursion to the Zoological Gardens, University of Ibadan & Graduation Party